PLACE / Ladywell


'PLACE / Ladywell is a Lewisham Council funded project, with support from the Mayor of London, which makes interim use of the site of the former Ladywell Leisure Centre whilst long term plans are being decided upon.' The building was commissioned by Lewisham Council and designed by acclaimed architect Richard Rogers. PLACE Ladywell is fully demountable and will be moved to another location within the borough after five years on site.


The upper floors are temporary housing managed by Lewisham Council. The ground floor offers affordable mixed-used spaces for local start-ups and creatives. The space creates opportunities for co-working desks, independent retail units and various small businesses. Lewisham Council are working in partnership with Meanwhile Space CIC who will managed the ground floor until the project is complete. 

Meanwhile Space


Meanwhile Space CIC is the pioneering social enterprise at the forefront of ‘meanwhile uses’. As the market leader in Meanwhile uses since 2009, Meanwhile Space designs innovative Meanwhile® solutions to vacant commercial space, working across sectors to deliver Meanwhile projects and strategies, operate affordable work-space, and deliver longer term Meanwhile developments. 


Meanwhile Space’s approach to community engagement and local regeneration projects involves nurturing a sense of place and distinctiveness through harnessing the resource of vacant commercial property.

Film commissioned by RHSP, made by Lewis Khan

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